Women rewarding men with chastity cages: Is it okay?

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They say men have an issue keeping their dicks in their pants. All men? Some men? Who knows? There’s no way to be sure what anyone is doing unsupervised. Regardless, it would be nice to protect the trust and not worry about fidelity in a relationship. 

Well, what if there was a way to make sure your man was, literally, under lock and key? There is a sexy secret to ensuring your lover’s penis stays put until you say otherwise: male chastity devices. 

Does it sound savage? It’s not. No pain should be involved unless that is what he is into. Men who have committed to this style of BDSM say it has made sex and their relationships noticeably better. They get more aroused; they orgasm harder; and they appreciate their partners much more. Sound like something you might want to consider?

Turning the heat on: Male getting horny with chastity

Remember, role-playing in BDSM should benefit both sides of the game. The Dominant holds the upper hand, but the man in the cage should also experience intense pleasure. Just because they can’t have sex or masturbate without your permission doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the torture. Hours, days, weeks, months under control should make them hornier than they can handle. Make them beg. They should want it. 

What women want — It matters

Society admires tough, domineering men. It’s not the accepted norm to make a man crawl. As a woman, you might feel odd asking or making your men do as you say. Don’t. Doing what is not expected is exactly what makes it all extra exciting. Be a boss to the ultimate extreme. 

Every touch should make their carnal longing increasingly intense. Suddenly,  your man will do anything you desire to convince you to release him from bondage. By the time you open the gate and set them free, their erection should be pleading for your love and attention. Then, you can both have your way. 

With the thrills of chastity, even the wildest of penises will be tamed and hungry for your command. Bring alpha males to their knees. Devices are available to make your bond very discreet, almost like living a double life. No one will know except you and him. 

Male superiority: Do they yield or complain?

A lock and key must fit to work properly. Since the situation might not be the most comfortable, mind the reaction of your prisoner and note whether he seems increasingly aroused or annoyed while being detained. It’s okay if he begs. It’s better if he does, but you want the torment to pull you closer. 

If his complaining is a burden or stress to either of you, you might want to: 

  • Try again with a different toy or device. The size or the shape could be all wrong. 
  • Talk about it more. Sometimes good circumstances are ruined by bad communication. Maybe he is used to wearing the pants in your relationship and needs time to surrender authority. Discuss what is and isn’t working. 
  • Stop and try something else. Perhaps the male chastity kink isn’t for him. Or you. 

The bottom line is, you don’t want to force an unwilling person to suffer for your cause. Some men will not get turned on by being submissive, and that decision is also to be respected. 

When you mutually decide he deserves to be caged

If you decide to try male chastity as a couple, make sure to determine your roles and responsibilities as a Dom and sub. The power dynamic might be very different and new, so set standards and expectations, so everyone is sexually satisfied. 

Discover fun and stimulating tools and textures to up the ante. Together, research the many types of toys that will bring out the animal in you both. Keep the channels of communication flowing like juices. 

Always say what you are thinking. Respectfully, also listen to the thoughts and emotions of your companion. Even though there is a power dynamic, you want to keep the energy flow complementary. Men may not show it often, but they definitely have feelings too. Hear each other and use the reaction and knowledge to condition him to yearn for you.  

Is chastity cage a reward?

Almost all men who tried chastity cages would say that it is. One factor that may affect their perception of chastity cages is that the quality they are using is reliable. You might be wondering where did they find such, fear not because we have the products of LG shop, that are well-suited for your desires.

If you still need convincing that this is a fruitful affair for your lover and relationship, don’t fret — you are doing him a huge favor. With worldwide access to social media and the unlimited availability of porn, sex has become far too easy to attain. Make it harder for your guy to get laid, so that much gratifying when he finally gets the opportunity to release. But only when you make it possible. Almost guarantee his physic faithfulness by locking his junk in a cage, so you don’t have to worry about where he is when you are not around. Mold your man into your own personal, highly charged sex slave to remain at your disposal.